Online Meal Plans

On line meal plans are designed by a dietitian to meet your individual dietary requirements.  Meal plans are scientifically based and will assist you to lose weight as they are based on your metabolism, age, gender, weight, height and physical activity levels. These meal plans are not restrictive. Instead you choose from a range of options and decide what you would like to eat at meal and snack times. All food and alcohol is permitted in moderation.

At Healthy Beings we believe that in order to maintain any changes to your diet and ensure they become lifelong healthy behaviours you must learn to include your favourite foods as part of your new healthy, balanced diet. So be sure to fill in this section when you request your meal plan.

After following your meal plan for a while you may feel it’s time for a change. Have your nutritional needs reassessed, your meal plan updated and receive follow up advice from your dietitian to teach you how to make healthy food choices whether you are at home or eating out.

Provided you have no medical condition or take medication that limits weight loss, you will lose weight by following your meal plan as prescribed.

  • Individually tailored meal plan – $75
  • Follow up email advice for an existing meal plan – $50

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