Help for the Whole Family

For the convenience of you and your family, Amanda will come to your home and work with you to establish how healthy lifestyle changes can be made to benefit everyone in your family.

Making healthy lifestyle changes for the whole family offers your child support as they learn new healthy behaviours.

With 10 years of experience of working with children Amanda has an in depth understanding of the challenges associated with maintaining a healthy lifestyle for children and adolescents. Amanda can work with you and your family to overcome these challenges and learn lifelong healthy behaviours.

The program – 4 sessions over 4 weeks

  • Aims to educate parents and children about the importance of a healthy diet and physical activity and how this can be achieved
  • Provides parents and children with skills to select and prepare healthy meals and snacks
  • Analyses current habits around meal times and physical activity and establishes healthy family routines
  • Provides long term weight management strategies

Session 1:  60 minutes

  1. Analysis of your family’s current eating and physical activity regime.
  2. Assessment of current health status and risk factors for individual family members.
  3. Goal setting – what you want to achieve for your family.
  4. The plan – worked out together based on the needs of your family.

Session 2: 60 minutes

  1. Analysis of your family’s daily routine focusing on food preparation and meals.
  2. Tips and ideas on how to incorporate more healthy foods into the family home and how to limit junk foods.
  3. Analysis of the meals commonly eaten by your family and learn how to modify these meals to improve the nutritional quality.
  4. How to choose healthy meals and what to look out for when trying to make a healthy choice (looking at take away menu’s and food product labels).

Session 3: 90 minutes

  1. Cooking lesson with the kids.
  2. Children select a meal to prepare from a range of recipes
  3. Learn how to prepare healthy meals and snacks and provide a meal for the family!

Session 4: 60 minutes

  1. Adjusting the plan.
  2. Strategies to ensure your family stays on track with your new healthy lifestyle plan.
  3. Recipes and fact sheets on healthy eating.

Family package – $500

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