Cooking classes for kids

by HealthyBeings on November 21, 2010

Cooking classes with year 2 students at

Ferny Grove State Primary School

 I recently had two days sharing my love for cooking and healthy food with the year two students at Ferny Grove Primary School. The aim was to teach these students about healthy eating and how to make healthy food taste good.

The session involved a short power point presentation  “Does the food you eat each day really make a difference to how healthy you are?” which was designed to get kids to realise the importance of making good food decisions from a young age. Together we prepared easy, healthy afternoon tea snacks which the students would be able to prepare at home themselves. We made:

  • Grated and apple and cheese tortilla wedges;
  • Avocado and salsa dip with vegetable swords; and
  • Berry and banana smoothies





Surprisingly the overall favourite was the avocado and salsa dip!

The students were fantastic; everyone had a chance to help and everyone tried something new which was very impressive for kids so young! There were lots of students who hadn’t been involved in food preparation before, so many new skills were learnt and their food knowledge was greatly improved simply through helping to prepare the dishes. The students were fascinated in the preparation of fruit and vegetables and loved that they could, cut, mash, slice, pour and mix things together. While the students were surprised about a variety of things, I think my favourite comment was “Wow, this avocado has a massive nut inside it!”

Teaching kids about food and how to put different things together to make bright, colourful interesting, tasty and healthy food is invaluable for their long term health. Teaching healthy behaviours such as selecting, preparing and cooking simple food will set your kids up with life skills which they will carry with them forever and will enable them to lead long healthy lives. 

For information on how your school can get involved contact

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