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Brisbane’s Healthy Beings Dietitians are striving to make ‘human beings Healthy Beings’ through healthy lifestyles changes that are realistic and achievable for children, adults and    families.

Discover what’s preventing you from feeling your best and start living life to the full.

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Experience successful outcomes and make positive lifelong dietary changes. Start by making an appointment today or request an online meal plan. Healthy Beings offers comprehensive dietary assessments, individually tailored dietary advice and meal plans. Regular, individual and personalised nutrition consultations are the perfect way for you to achieve and maintain long-term healthy eating and lifestyle habits.


How can a dietitian help?


  • Are clinically trained and qualified experts in nutrition and can provide you with detailed dietary advice
  • Explain complex health and food issues in simple and easy to understand language
  • Assist people with general healthy eating habits and plan specific diets for medical conditions
  • Offer advice on a healthy diet for a range of conditions and offer you motivation and support as you make important changes to your diet

Nutritional information can be provided on special dietary requirements for a range of conditions including: Heart disease, cancer, overweight and obesity, hypertension, diabetes, gastrointestinal disorders, food allergies and intolerances.

Information can also be provided on:

  • General healthy eating
  • Reading food Labels
  • Choosing the best foods when shopping and eating out
  • Healthy ways to prepare food

Consultations are available in person or you may prefer to complete an online meal plan to achieve better health and/or your weight loss goals.  Whether you prefer to receive help with your diet in person or online, Amanda will help you to develop a realistic and personalised meal plan to fit into your current lifestyle.

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